Kenova mayor, council differ on sale of school property

Staff writer

KENOVA – The former Kenova elementary school property remains vacant and awaiting its future after serving the community’s children for decades before its closure several years ago.

There was controversy surrounding its closure with a sinkhole to blame, now there is a difference of opinion on the property’s future sale. Both Mayor Ric Griffith and members of the Kenova City Council agree the property needs sold – but the difference lies in to who and how the property should go.

State law dictates the property must be sold at appraisal value. Other than that, the city council has control of who it sells the property to as long it is outright.

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HERE IT IS – Huntington Sanitary Plant foreman Warren Loudermilk shows the line that brings sewer from northern Wayne County to the sewer plant, located in Westmoreland. WCN photo by Diane Pottorff

Sanitary board making plans to fix sewer pipes

Staff Writer

HUNTINGTON – Huntington Sanitary Plant foreman Warren Loudermilk had been inspecting the area around the sewer plant when he discovered sinkholes around the effluent and affluent lines.

Loudermilk said when he discovered the sinkhole near the receiving station, he also noticed a dip in the levy area where the line that brings in sewer from northern Wayne County (including Ceredo and Kenova) is located, showing that line is collapsing as well.

Pat Taylor, engineer with Potesta and Associates, engineering firm for the project, said the current line flowing into the plant has buckled and build-up in the outflow pipe for the past 50 years has caused those pipes to fail and both now are in bad condition.

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Kenova working to solve water problems

Staff writer

KENOVA – Kenova’s water problems have dominated the city’s history for nearly two decades – but the issues have recently been magnified with two important construction projects underway that are directly impacted by the city’s water service.

Both the new construction of Ceredo-Kenova Elementary School and the Prichard Intermodal project has put an emphasis on the city to improve its ailing water system. The city completed a $12.9 million project nearly a decade ago that addressed many of the system’s issues, but did not cover all the city’s woes. It was recently pointed out that the city has concerns that the new school project will have enough pressure and flow to supply a fire suppression system. Aging waterlines could possibly put strain on the expanding Intermodal project causing concerns of a reliable water source to the important economic hub in the future.

Tuesday night, Kenova Mayor Ric Grifith, along with Wayne County Sen. Bob Plymale, representatives of E.L. Robinson Engineering, ZMM architect Dave Ferguson and others came together to discuss solutions to the problems.

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KPD arrest eight in two days

Staff Writer

KENOVA – Kenova Police Chief Ray Mossman is sending a message to those who want to sell illegal drugs in Kenova – “Go somewhere else.”

“They are not going to stop,” Mossman said. “But, we are doing our part in making arrests.”

And those arrests netted eight on Saturday and Monday, along with two on Friday.

A Barboursville man was arrested Monday in connection with a mother and son who were arrested Friday in an attempt to deliver Valium.

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Council approves second reading for bicycles

Staff Writer

HUNTINGTON – Keeping current with state codes, Huntington City Council approved the second reading of several bicycle ordinance updates.

Ordinances include vehicle drivers giving three feet of space when passing a bicyclist and bicyclists do not have to ride in the far right lane as they can ride in the right-hand lane with exceptions of passing another bicyclist or making a left turn.

When riding on the roadway, bicyclists must have a headlight on the front and a red reflector on the rear of the cycle.
Other reflectors that come with the bicycle may stay but are not necessary.

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